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Do you have any advice for sculpting using z brush? I've been trying to get into digital sculpting but I'm unsure of how to start.


It’s good to know the differences between 3D programs. For example, ZBrush is a much more “traditional approach” whereas Maya, Blender and 3DS Max are considered more technical. Zbrush itself is extremely intuitive and you can learn tonnes from speedsculpt videos. Literally just watch shit tonnes of videos. if you need to learn something specific, and the only video available for you to watch is extremely bad quality, or even in a different language, watch it regardless. Something else that might be useful to look at would be workflow videos. I.E Some people prefer to make a low poly model first and then detail it up, whereas others like to do the reverse. High poly modelling is usually the fun part.

Don’t learn “how to sculpt a dragon”, learn the fundamentals. You cover more ground in preparation. A major part of 3D software is learning the technical aspects of it, and understanding your limits. Geometry, vertices, moving around an axis, it’s a whole new way to look at something. Do not let the technical knowledge hold you back of the creating; so really try to focus on these first. It’s boring, but worth it. - Especially if you’re a fast learner; the rest you’ll pick up yourself!

AAND FINALLY, i was going to suggest looking at CGHub, but that’s gone now. Sooo, look at industry standard work and how they have to overcome our current technology. We’re in a great position now where we can create models with a shit ton of polys, but it’s also good to experiment with limiting yourself. Low poly models. Check those out too. 

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