Okay guys, lemme just rant to you about something. People are saying that the female armour portrayed above (from Darksouls 2) is too “sexualized”. All because the breast plate frames her boobs. SERIOUSLY. THIS IS A THING THAT IS HAPPENING AND IT’S RIDICULOUS. This is why I really dislike feminists. THIS ARMOUR IS PERFECTLY SUITABLE. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.


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    It’s actually really shit, the boob cups would direct any blow in towards her and why it is low cut and mid-drift I will...
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    The problem is that it draw attention to the breast and so draws the blows, not only that it creates a weak point in the...
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    I’m a feminist… And I like this armor! SHE’S ACTUALLY PROTECTED IN BATTLE. IT frames her boobs. So what? It’s the chest...
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  12. katvalkyriecosplay answered: It’s suitable—mostly. Because of the boob cups, any blows from a weapon would be directed inward at her sternum, crushing or shattering it.
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  14. advancinglawnmowersimulator answered: Yeah but the point of armour is to protect the vital organs, you go and make a weak point in the middle of a chest you’ve got to be stupid!
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  16. baronofblood answered: Breasts do not deserve to be crushed by a flat sheet of metal. Even in battle, a woman needs some support.
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    Personally, as a giant fan of women in armour I would like to say that this armour, while it is not realistic per se, is...
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